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Chris Lucian Director of Software Development Hunter Industries

I'm Chris Lucian, the Director of Global Software Development at Hunter Industries, a founder of mob programming, co-host of the Mob Mentality show and international keynote speaker. I am passionate about the advancement of software craftsmanship and machine learning. I seek the continuous improvement of myself, my family, my company, and my community. I believe that we can explore the unexplored potential in all things when looking at our processes with automation and creativity in mind. Growing up I learned a lot about both the importance of Psychological Safety and what it can look like when it does not exist. I was fortunate enough to go to a project based middle school where I learned the importance of public speaking, research, technology and delivering my work quickly and frequently. I worked full time when going to university for both my masters and bachelors and in doing so I learned the importance of time management and deliberate deep work. In my career I have found that all of these skills are important to be effective. When I'm have a moment of free time, I spend it gaming or reading sci-fi and fantasy.

I wrote my masters thesis on Computer Vision, Evolutionary Algorithms, and Machine Learning.

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Also I love to build games and apps.

Among my inventions is a colorblindness aid that highlights colors the user is deficient in.

My wife loves to cook and runs a cooking blog. I get to eat the food. I love her. :)


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